Gliomatosis cerebri



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Understanding the technical and clinical meanings of the words present in this content is essential. In order to provide you with a reliable source of information about common terms used when talking about brain tumours, we strongly suggest you consult the American Brain Tumor Association Glossary.


ASCO: American society of clinical oncology

BBB: Blood brain barrier

CNS: Central nervous system

GC: Gliomatosis cerebri

MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging

MRS: Magnetic resonance spectroscopy

PET: Positron emission tomography

PNS: Peripheral nervous system

RDs: Rare diseases

S4R: Share4Rare

Revision history

This material has been produced by different specialists including an oncologist focused on GC of the Sant Joan de Déu children's hospital in Barcelona (Dr. Andrés Morales), and has been reviewed by different empowered caregivers of GC patients: Kathy Arabia, mother of Anna, president of AYJ Fund (USA); Serena Bernacchi, mother of Alexandre and researcher (France); and Mónica Sarasa, mother of Izás, president of "Izás, la princesa guisante" (Spain).

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08 October 2019