Share4Rare toolkit for patient advocacy


Your target audience and where to find them

Think of whom it is you’re trying to reach:

  • Other patient (organizations)
  • Other patient advocates
  • Pharmaceutical bodies
  • Conference organisers
  • Legislators
  • Hospital staff
  • Political figures

Good places to find your target audience are:

  • Medical conferences
  • Patient conferences
  • Patient bodies
  • Advocacy events
  • Local government meetings
  • Online groups
  • Social media platforms
  • Traditional media connections
  • Fundraising events
  • Online webinars

Keep in mind that the target groups vary in size and nature, and be ready to tailor your message as appropriate.

When invited to talk at an event, or to receive expenses, free entry or other perks, do your due diligence on who is organising and sponsoring the event to make sure that there is no risk to tarnishing your advocacy’s reputation by inadvertently looking like you’re aligning yourself with certain parties.

Last modified
28 January 2021