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Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Only with conviction and determination, it is possible to reach fundraising goals correctly.

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Fundraising activity can be seen as a strategic perspective. Better results are given using the strategic fundraising approach that is the activity that first designs, identifies the good cause, analyzes the market, the potentials donors and that continues to exist even after the act of donation through assistance, thanksgiving, communication, etc.

Essential elements in fundraising

To achieve a good fundraising, the following elements are essential:

  • Needs: the reasons why the fund is needed.
  • Objectives: a realistic estimate of the determined economic needs according to the purposes that the fundraising action wants to achieve.
  • Donors: we need to identify donors based on quantity and quality of the donations necessary to guarantee the success of the fundraising operation.
  • Volunteers: people involved in the activity available to spend time, energy and talent for productive fundraising.
  • Public relations: who serve to spread the message about you raising funds.
  • Timing: time is needed to develop and implement a quality program.
  • Budget: funds included in the budget must be congruent with the needs of the program.

Fundraising strategies

There are various fundraising strategies that you can implement to raise money for a certain cause.


Fundraising through events is extremely common in the nonprofit world. Events are great! They engage your community and allow people to become involved with supporting your organization at almost any level.

Annual appeal

The annual fund is raised through a direct appeal to the widest possible audience from known regular donors to occasional donors.


If your organization is such that membership makes sense, by all means, offer membership.


Organize campaigns to generate donations for a specific initiative. The campaign is typically of a finite time period, designated by either when you collect the targeted sum or a specific time frame.


Specific projects can be submitted to foundations, companies and banks.

Corporate fundraising: involve companies to specific Corporate Social Responsibility  programs.

Consult Effective Fundraising to gain more information and tips & tricks or see our webinar on fundraising for nonprofits:


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28 January 2021