• Report - 2nd day of the International Congress on the Effects of COVID-19 in People with Rare Diseases

    Emotional support to the affected people: the role of patient organizations and virtual communities Roberta Anido de Pena (president of FADEPOF) opened the session with a panel that discussed the role
  • The international patient registry for COVID-19 and rare diseases is now available for clinicians

    People with a rare disease are vulnerable, but this vulnerability is currently being exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital, together with the Sant
  • Report - 1st day of the International Congress on the Effects of COVID-19 in People with Rare Diseases

    The opening of the congress was led by Patricia García, medical director of the Garrahan Hospital, a reference centre for rare diseases in Argentina. García explained the challenge that COVID-19
  • Meeting the partners — Òmada Interactiva

    The approach of Òmada was classic, yet revolutionary. After conducting a preliminary analysis and benchmarking, the initial graphic, functional and technological design of the open layer of the
  • An Interview with Marjolein van Kessel — President of Naevus Global

    Thank you, Marjolein, for taking the time to be interviewed! Could you please give us a bit of background about congenital melanocytic naevi and the issues associated with them? A congenital
  • Duchenne Patient Academy 2020: a leading worldwide patient advocacy event on neuromuscular conditions

    Duchenne Patient Academy works in partnership with leading DMD patient organisations to set a strong patient advocacy base for patient organisations and the Duchenne and Becker community at large. We
  • Dr. Marcelo Andrade: "Our intention is to include patients, families and health professionals from around the world in the registry of COVID-19 and rare diseases"

    Through collaboration between Sant Joan de Déu and Garrahan Hospital, an ambitious project that connects COVID-19 and rare diseases has been developed. The initiative has supported the creation of a
  • International Congress on the Effects of COVID-19 on People with Rare Diseases

    The International Congress on the Effects of COVID-19 on People with Rare Diseases will be held on November 9-11th 2020 and it is organized by the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children's Hospital
  • The EMA launches a public consultation on registry-based studies

    A few weeks ago we published a blog explaining what a patient registry was. These databases enclose quantitative and qualitative data about patients who affected by a particular condition, like for
  • Lessons learned: Share4Rare’s new Digital Informed Consent

    All around the globe, 2020 has brought with it a lot of downs. However, it has also brought some very valuable ups, mainly in the form of lessons learnt and powerful insights into what we are capable
  • The case of undiagnosed profiles in Share4Rare

    Share4Rare has very nice support for patient profiles with a diagnosis. These users will find that Share4Rare is a system in which they can interact, communicate, and share knowledge with other users
  • Gathering people’s knowledge on cell and gene therapy to create tailored educational materials for patients and citizens

    Being educated on health sciences can bring you numerous benefits as a regular citizen, especially if your are a patient or a caregiver: this way you will be more empowered on and will be able to