Spinal muscular atrophy


Treatment and therapies

There is currently no cure for SMA, but life expectancy and quality of life of those affected is improving through ongoing research, drug development and disease management.

Treatment options are available, but they can vary from country to country and over time. Up to date information about current treatment options are available at the links below:




Managing Symptoms

There is a range of options available for managing symptoms and maintaining quality of life. These include:

●        Physical therapy

●        Occupational therapy

●        Orthopaedic management

●        Orthotics (spinal, limb braces)

●        Spinal fusions

●        Immunizations (influenza, pneumonia)

●        Nutrition (diet, supplements), growth and bone health

●        Respiratory and pulmonary care

●        Meditation

For more detailed information, see the ‘Disease Management’ section.

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03 March 2020
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