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EUPATI Toolbox

Just like a real toolbox that any carpenter or electrician uses, the EUPATI Toolbox contains all the ‘tools’ you might need around medicines research and development. Quite possibly you won’t need all of it, and you can certainly specialise in any part of it, but any question you have regarding medicines research and development should be able to be answered here.

Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash

In our case, the Toolbox is not medicine or disease-specific, but having said that, the information here should be applicable to the majority of diseases and/or medicines you may be concerned with. Besides the 12 categories of development, there are also more interactive areas of how you can group and use the information you need in the Discover!, Adapt!, and Share! areas.

Finally, there is a Toolbox for Beginners area where we have highlighted some key introductory topics to help you begin to explore medicines research and development. Feel free to roam through there as well.

Use the EUPATI toolbox for advocacy

Research and also experience in patient advocacy and activism show that experts and patients, and their organisations are an important part of medicines development. They can only achieve effective and sustainable results in advocacy if their knowledge about their disease areas and political environment is sound and scientifically founded.

It is essential that experts and patients can clearly see the processes and methods by which medicines are developed and brought to the market to understand where and how they can make a meaningful impact, and how they can influence the process to make sure that patients’ interests and viewpoints are duly represented.

EUPATI provides a useful toolbox of resources to complement the tools already available to patient advocates and organisations.

Last modified
02 February 2021