Pancreatic rare tumours



The treatment of pancreatic cancer is evolving with the introduction of new surgical techniques and medical therapies such as laparoscopic techniques and neo-adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy. Researchers are on their way to study biomarkers and immunotherapies for pancreatic cancer. But still, main issues such as early detection or predisposal risks factors need more scientific insights. Research should be promoted involving all the stakeholders: Clinicians but also researchers and patients. This will set down the starting point to get to know better the disease and settle down a good base for boosting research.

We invite you to join today Share4Rare and start putting together the knowledge that we lack to make research go forward in pancreatic cancer. There you will find specific questionnaires and a committed team of clinicians and researchers that will analyse this information. And the best part, you will be the first to get to know their conclusions. Join us today!

Last modified
03 March 2020