Pancreatic rare tumours



When the primary tumour is located in the pancreas, it is called pancreatic cancer. It can cause abdominal pain, weight loss, diabetes, jaundice, etc., depending on the affected part of the pancreas. The most common cancer of the pancreas is the pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and often, the term “pancreas cancer” relates to this type of tumour.

However, there are other pancreatic cancers with diverse characteristics, patterns and behaviours. Although very rare, the commonest pancreatic tumours in children are solid pseudo-papillary neoplasm and pancreatoblastoma. Here we will discuss different neoplasms of non-ductal origin, which comprise the 5% of the pancreatic tumours.


This material of pancreatic rare tumours covers the basics about neuroendocrine neoplasms, pancreatoblastoma and solid pseudo-papillary neoplasms, what happens in children and what it is known until now. This material is in constant evolution and further revisions will be done twice per year. If you have information to add to the content, please, send us an email to