Elisa Mora de Checa

Share4Rare Call4Projects 2022 for patient-centred research initiatives

Share4Rare 2nd Call4Projects
The 2nd Share4Rare Call for Research Projects will be open until December 10th 2021.

Share4Rare aims to put rare diseases patients at the centre of research, not only by asking them directly regarding their condition but also by providing them a safe platform where they can participate in collaborative research projects.

The Share4Rare platform enables to gather data from patient and caregivers on disease related questions and other areas of scientific interest: burden and impact of the disease, its natural history, how the disease affects quality of life, etc. 

The objective of this call is to select two projects from research groups and/or patient organizations to be implemented and developed from January to December 2022.

Selected proposals will be co-financed by Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation, which will assume 50% of the costs related to the implementation of the research project. 

Share4Rare is more than a research tool

  • We facilitate the communication with patients, their carers and their families, in order to collect valuable information on rare diseases.
  • Our team will support your patients and carers throughout the research process.
  • When necessary, our team will support the presentation the project to the Sant Joan de Déu Ethical Committee for its approval. 
  • We provide a scienctific report at the end of the study to facilitate data analysis and publication.

How to apply

  1. Please read the Share4Rare Call for Research Projects Description.
  2. Fill in the Contact Form and the Application Form.
  3. Submit the Contact Form and the Application Form to info@share4rare.org before December 10th 17:00h CEST.

For any questions or doubts related to the application form, please feel free to contact us at info@share4rare.org