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Share4Rare webinar: Medical imaging in rare disease diagnosis

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On the next Share4Rare webinar we will talk about the potential of clinical imaging in rare disease diagnosis and research. The guest speaker will be Dr. Josep Munuera, radiologist and Head of the Quality, Innovation and Research Section of the Diagnostic Imaging Service at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona.

Medical imaging tests allow health professionals to obtain whole-body internal images or to visualize specific parts or organs. These tests are often used to find a diagnosis and to establish disease severity. Medical imaging tests are usually painless, secure and non-invasive, and over the years they are incorporating higher precision.

The type of imaging test will depend on the symptoms presented by the patient, the part of the body that you want to analyse, the patient's  age or likelihood of pregnancy. Some images are obtained using radiation (radiography, computed tomography, angiography), others applying sound waves, such as ultrasound. Magnetic fields are used in nuclear magnetic resonances, and the ingestion or injection of substances or contrast agents can also be employed in clinical imaging.

The use of these tools can assist researchers in collecting clinical data to support the description of new syndromes or pathologies or in the diagnosis of ultra-rare disorders.

On April 20th, Share4Rare brings a new online seminar by Dr. Josep Munuera, an expert neuroradiologist and Head of the Quality, Innovation and Research Section of the Diagnostic Imaging Service at Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital. Dr. Munuera will speak about the implementation of diagnostic imaging in the study of rare diseases and about its potential in the discovery of new syndromes.

This webinar will address topics of interest to people affected by a rare disease. If you are a parent, family member, patient or if you belong to an organization, this virtual Share4Rare session can help you better understand how clinical imaging is used in rare disease research and the potential it has to speed up and improve diagnosis.

Take the oportunity to ask an expert in clinical imaging.

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Information and registration

Thin one-hour webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 20th at 5:00 p.m. CET (Spanish time).

Please, sign up through this registration form. The webinar will be conducted in Spanish but we will share the recording with English subtitles with those who get registered or follow our social media profiles.