Share4Rare Webinar II: “Following Scientific News for Patient Advocates”

Learn how to read scientific literature and get the most of scientific congresses

Patient advocates are in contact with many patients and increasingly involved stakeholders in the health debate. Understanding the latest scientific findings in their respective fields helps advocates to ensure patients are correctly informed and enables them to make informed contributions to healthcare decision-making.

This webinar will be given by Bettina Ryll, chair and founder of Melanoma Patient Network Europe and will take place on Wednesday October 17th, 7pm CEST.

During the webinar, we will provide a short introduction into why scientific education is relevant to patient advocates, how to find and effectively read scientific publications and how to make the most from visiting scientific congresses.

Patient advocates and in general patients, need to be informed about the last advances in research regarding their condition. It means that they can become more empowered in order to participate in design and development of research initiatives. Informed and expert patients are a key point to facilitate the design of patient centred projects.

Register for the webinar by clicking on this link and use the hashtag #S4Rwebinar to tweet about the session.


Bettina.jpg Bettina Ryll - Melanoma Patient Network Europe Founder & Chair 
Webinar_Following Scientific News for Patient Advocates