RareHacks: uniting experts to build the future of the rare disease community

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Share4rare is hosting a challenging event this summer! RareHacks is a groundbreaking hackathon that will bring together clinicians, researchers and data and computer scientists with the aim to create a tool that will improve the lives of the rare disease community.

What is RareHacks?

RareHacks is a hackathon event that brings you the opportunity to apply data science tools, including machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, to a real biomedical case that will contribute to help families suffering from rare diseases.

Rarehacks is organized within the framework of the project Share4Rare, which is financed by the European commission (GA 780262) and its main goal is to create a platform capable of recruiting clinical data from different rare conditions and to bring this knowledge back to the patient population.

The goal of RareHacks is to enhance research on rare diseases throughout collaborative efforts, using the power of technology to break the scientific limitations that these diseases entail.


All the attendees of the RareHacks will have the opportunity to train their data science skills, to meet people with different backgrounds and to work in a multidisciplinary environment.

When and where

RareHacks will take place in Barcelona, from the 5th to the 7th of July 2019. The event is organized by the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) with the support of Fundació Sant Joan de Déu, as coordinator of the Share4Rare project.  The event will be held in a central location near to the city’s most relevant monuments.

The Challenge

The challenge proposed by RareHacks is to build a smart chat-bot capable of providing answers about medicine, research, care, or any other subject to the relatives of rare diseases patients. In order to fulfill this goal, teams will be composed of 5 individuals with multidisciplinary profiles. Encouraged profiles are:

  • Clinical Profile: responsible of curating and annotating the material, evaluating the outputs and advising in the overall design. Compatible profiles are medical doctors, biomedical engineers, biologists and alike.

  • Computer Science Profile: responsible of giving support on data interfacing, components, coding strategy, code analysis and organization. Compatible profiles are computer scientists and engineers.
  • Data Science Profile: responsible of giving support on the data science field. Compatible profiles are physicists, mathematicians, statisticians, etc.


If you wish to participate in RareHacks, two enrolment options are offered:

  • Team enrolment: in case you have a group of friends wishing to participate in the rare diseases hackathon, you can take part in the event as a team. We highly recommend building multidisciplinary teams, including members able to take on the different roles previously mentioned.

  • Individual enrolment: in case you want to enroll as an individual, the organization will select members with compatible profiles for your team.

Choose your enrolment category and register today at http://rarehacks.org/index.php/register/. Do not miss this great opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of the rare disease community!

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